Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Central

Hungarian Language in Theory and Practics


The content of the collaborative project "Hungarian Language in Theory and Practice" is based on three key points:


1. Research collaboration between researchers and teachers of Hungarian studies

Theory and practice of functional linguistics; interaction between literary and cultural studies as well as linguistics; scientific foundation of foreign language teaching and methodology; utilisation of the results of contactology in practice; the issue of language of origin, foreign language and mother tongue.

Goal: Collaboration which is practical for teaching in order to gain synergy effects from the present group of experts and to publish scientific publications.


2. Mutual support of students’ final projects and dissertations in the field of Hungarian language and cultural studies as well as language education

Organisation of international student work groups, conferences, excursions and competitions.

Goal: Conferences and conference transcripts.


3. Mutual enabling of supported teaching work placements for student teachers of Hungarian studies

The project is understood as preparation for a training partnership to be established in the medium term, with the goal of offering collaborative courses.