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Robert Sachdev , Ph.D.

A central goal of neuroscience is to understand how synaptic inputs are transformed into output, i.e. spiking. My earlier work has shown the effect of background spontaneous activity on the response of cortical neurons.  In my work with Matthew Larkum, I expect to develop methods for watching the transformation of activity in inputs – axons – into an output i.e. activity in dendrites and soma of cortical neurons.  In the course of these observations, we will develop methods for monitoring behavior in multiple dimensions including footfall, whisker movement, touch and cortical state.


Education and Training


BS in Neuroscience and Biochemistry, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI USA.


PhD in Neuroscience, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI USA

Advisors: Wayne Aldridge and Sid Gilman co-directors


1991-1994  MFA in Creative Writing, Columbia University, New York, NY, USA.

1995-2000  Post-doctorate training, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, USA

                  Advisor: Ford Ebner

2000-2004  Post-doctorate training University of Texas San Antonio, Texas, USA

                  Advisor: Charles J. Wilson


Academic Employment


2005-2014      Associate Research Scientist Yale University School of

                      Medicine, Department of Neurobiology, New Haven, CT, USA.

2004-2005      Assistant Professor, Universite Laval, Quebec, Canada.

2000-2004      Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Texas at San Antonio,                       San Antonio, Texas, USA.

1995-2000      Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN,                       USA.


Seminars & Invited Presentations

~ 50 invited presentations


Completed and ongoing collaborations:

Mark Andermann, Harvard.  2012-2013.  Use of microprisms for imaging from cortical columns.  We published one article in 2013.


Hal Blumenfeld, Josh Motelow. Yale School of Medicine, Dept of Neurology. Neurophysiology/Epilepsy.  2010-2014.  Paper under review.


Ken Catania, Vanderbilt University 1999-2000.  We published two articles.


Detlef Heck, UTHSC in Tennessee, Neurophysiology / Behavior. 2010-2012. We published a paper in the Journal  of Neuroscience (2012).


David Kleinfeld, UCSD.  1999-2002.  We published two articles in 2000-2004.


Michael Levene, Yale School of Medicine, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, 2010-2013. We published one article in 2013.


James Mazer, Yale School of Medicine.   2012-2013. One published paper.


Vincent Pieribone, Yale School of Medicine, Dept  of  Physiology. 2008-2013. One published paper.


Gordon Shepherd, Yale School of Medicine, Department of Neurobiology. 2007-2012 The paper from this collaboration was published in J. Neuroscience.


Yuguo Yu, Yale School of Medicine.  2007-Current. One paper published in 2014.


Hitten Zaveri, Yale School of Medicine.  2012-Current.  Paper under review.




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Society for Neuroscience Abstracts  ~45