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Covarying Collexemes

Cluster Analysis and the Identification of Collexeme Classes - A lengthy exchange of ideas with corpus linguist Anna Shadrova draws our attention to associative measures and their potential for the Callidus project.

Associative Measures?

And again we have received an interesting and above all promising suggestion for Callidus. Not that we haven't heard of associative measures before, but Anna Shadrova from the Corpus Linguistics Department at HU has helped us to see the potential of applying these measurement methods, developed for large corpora, to our rather small Latin corpus. What if we first examined a very large Latin corpus with these measures, and then, using the same calculations, also examined the much smaller (annotated) text corpus. Perhaps this would allow methods to be developed to put the results of both investigations into perspective? And above all, we could possibly determine which vocabulary is author-specifically relevant for vocabulary work and thus for practice in Latin lessons. But these are only first thoughts on the topic...


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