Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - LARKUM LAB

Albert Gidon, Ph.D.


Project description

Cortical inhibitory interneurons display a plethora of anatomical, electrical and molecular classes (I-classes). Typically, each I-class occupies a particular dendritic subdomain of its target neurons. Due to its impact on the dendritic excitability, dendritic inhibition assumes a crucial role in shaping their target neurons’ input-output properties and, thus, those of the entire cortical network.
The main goal of my project is to examine the synergistic interactions between multiple inhibitory sources (where each source belongs to a distinct I-class and comprises either single or multiple interneurons). By using, both electrical and optogenetic stimulations we selectively control the activity of single or multiple interneurons of each I-class while recording and/or imaging the activity in the soma and dendrites of their common target excitatory neuron.