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HU-Docs-Excursion to Görlitz and Bautzen


HU-Docs-Excursion to Görlitz and Bautzen                                       

Sa-Su, 13 -14 December 2014



Visit with us the romantic cities of Görlitz and Bautzen, with their old city centers and their typical Christmas markets! A doctoral student of the HU who is studying the identity of Görlitz and who works also as guide will show us both cities (tours in German language).


Görlitz's Baroque center escaped from the war destructions and was so well renovated, that it is often used as location for historical films. We will also visit the polish quarters beyound the Neiße. Bautzen is a center for the Sorbian culture, a slavish minority of the region with own language and culture. the town is also known for their prisons that became sadly famous during the DDR.




Sa. 13.12.2014
08:33 Departure Berlin Hauptbahnhof
11:15 Arrival Görlitz
12:00 Guided tour
13:30 Check-in in the Pension PicoBello and lunch
14:30 Guided tour continues
16:00 End of guided tour
17:00 Christmas Market
19:30 Dinner in the polisch Restaurant „Przy Jakubie“


So. 14.12.2014
10:41 Departure Görtlitz
11:09 Arrival Bautzen
13:30 Lunch in the Restaurant „Mönchshof“
14:30 Christmas Market
17:01 Departure Bautzen
20:24 Arrival Berlin Hauptbahnhof


Registration until the 30th November 2014 per e-mail: Registration fees: 20€ for foreign students and 25 € for German students, 25 € for partners.


For couple accomodation in double rooms: 5 € per capita.


Includid: train tickets (Wochenenden-Ticket), guided tours, dinner in the restaurant „Przy Jakubie“ in Zgorzelec (Polish Görlitz), lunch in the Restaurant „Mönchshof“ in Bautzen, accomodation in 3-beds rooms (with bed linen and breakfast).