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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - HU-Docs


Why Doc-Tandem?

Doing a PhD is a lonely time in many respects. Many doctoral researchers feel left alone, the old friends suddenly have other projects or jobs, and the supervisor or the feedback in the colloquium cannot solve all organisational problems. Those doing their doctorate outside a structured programme or research project are the most frequent victims of this phenomenon. They often have problems motivating and organising themselves. The Doc-Tandem programme offers solutions to this, and pools forces to keep motivation high and get through difficult periods.

Please note that the Doc-Tandem is not designed for learning a foreign language. There are separate tandem exchanges for this, e.g. from the Language Centre.

How to find a Tandem partner?

You may ask for Tandem partners at any time, for example in the HU-Docs groups on Telegram, Whatsapp or facebook, or in the Doc Cafe or any other meeting.

On March 26th, 2021 we offered a dedicated Tandem-evening on zoom. This was an opportuinity to get to know each other pairwise and find out if you are compatible as a Tandem. Such events (either on zoom or in person) will be offered once in a while, presumably once per semester.

No matter where you are looking for a tandem partner, it might be helpful to answer for yourself (you do not have to send the answers to us) the following questions prior to asking people:

  • Are you looking for professional exchange within your topic?
  • Do you want to teach each other methods?
  • Do you need help with organization and structure?  
  • Are you looking for an external perspective on problems you cannot solve?
  • Do you need somebody to motivate you? Moral support?
  • Is there anything else you which you had a Tandem partner for?
  • How do you want to organize the interaction in practice? Here are some suggestions you can think about:
    • Meeting once a week either physically or via videochat
    • Proofreading each others texts and drafts
    • Practise talks in front of each other
    • Keep a permanent zoom call running to simulate other people in your home office