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Our upcoming events can be found here. All of our events are open to members and non-members alike!

We stand with Ukraine!


We welcome all doctoral candidates from Ukraine to attend our events or contact us, even if they are not formally affiliated with any Berlin university!

For general information about the university's support of Ukrainian students, please visit here:

If you would like to volunteer at the refugee reception centers in Berlin, we recommend this website:


Day Trip to Quedlinburg, the UNESCO historical Town. Saturday 25.6., 9:00

Quedlinburg is one of the most beautiful historical towns you can visit from berlin within one day. In 1994, the castle, church, and medieval old town were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Let us appreciate the beauty of Quedlinburg and make the best use of our 9-Euro-ticket!

Our team will wait for you at Zoologischer Garten station on Platform 4 at 09:00 and board the train RE 3112 at 09:17 You can board the same train at other stations (e.g. Ostkreuz 08:54, Friedrichstraße 09:07) and join us at Magdeburg or Quedlinburg railway station. Please be aware that we might expect crowded trains without seats.

If you decide to sign up, please kindly fill out this Google Form: This will help us decide whether to book a guided tour, as well as secure the financial support from the international department.

Depending on circumstances, we might book a guided tour for which we need your contribution of at least 2 Euros(it could be more).


09:17 Berlin Zoologischer Garten - Platform 4 (RE 3112)
11:08 Change at Magdeburg Hbf - Gleis 5 (RE 80504)
12:23 Arrive in Quedlinburg & explore the town
18:33 Take the train back to Berlin (with change in Magdeburg)
21:44 Arrive in Berlin
You can find us at the following stations. Please look for the big flag of our HU-Docs logo!

09:00 Berlin Zoologischer Garten - Platform 4
10:51 Magdeburg Hbf - Platform 8 (Where we get off)
11:08 Magdeburg Hbf - Platform 5 (Where we get on for the connection train)
12:23 Quedlinburg Hbf - Platform 2 (Where we get off)

Doc Cafe. Wednesday 29.6., 14:00

Location: Humboldt Graduate School. Luisenstraße 56, 10117 Berlin

We will serve you coffee and cookies(free of charge!) while you get to know other doctoral candidates on the campus. We meet in the cafeteria in HGS (1st floor). No registration or membership is required.

Thesis writing group. Thursday 30.6., 14:30

We meet physically at Infothek (former Orbis), room 1068, Unter den Linden 6 (main building, ground floor, the western or the left side). Alternatively, we have the Zoom .

The point of the writing group is to motivate each other to actually work on your dissertation. In the beginning of each meeting, we will announce what we want to do this time, and in the breaks we will ask each other about the progress.


Museum für Naturkunde & Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften, Saturday, 2.7., 17:00

We will meet at the Museum für Naturkunde and explore the long night of sciences(more info: You can use the ticket to explore the other locations in Berlin until midnight. You only need to pay €3 or €5(for non-students) instead of €9/€14 thanks to the financial support of the DAAD.  For this reason, you need to sign up using this link:

The deadline for registration is Thursday, 30.6.

Intercultural evening. Wednesday, 13.07., 19:00

Location: Infothek/Orbis. Room 1068, Unter den Linden 6 (HU main building, ground floor, the western or the left side)

We would like to honor the international and multicultural backgrounds of our PhD students by encouraging everyone to creatively present their home country/region/city/culture using food, artifacts, books, slides, etc., or in any way they prefer.  Our venue is equipped with desks, bulletin boards, a small kitchen and a TV screen(with which you can show some slides). If you need more than a desk, please inform us.  If necessary, you can visit the room during our writing group to check out the room.
We can reimburse your expenses with up to €5, please keep and bring your receipts. Also, you can participate as an audience without presenting. In this case, you also need to sign up because we need to know how much food is needed, etc.

If you decide to sign up, please kindly fill out this Google Form immediately: Thank you!

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External events

Other recommended events relevant for doctoral candidates, which are not organized by us, can be found here.

Files from our previous PhD-Days

Our PhD-Day, held once per semester, gives you a lot of useful information on your doctorate at HU. The slides of our last event are available under Downloads.

Financing your doctorate

At the International Roundtable discussion in January, we collected links about funding, you can find them under Downloads and links.

How can I apply for a PhD position at HU Berlin?

Please go to the university's information portal here

How can I become a HU-Docs member?

Please go here


Most of our events occur in person, but the PhD-Day and Roundtable discussions are online.

We know that the current situation with repeated, unpredictable restrictions is very hard for doctoral candidates. If you have any problem or question or you just want to talk to somebody, you are always welcome to contact us by mail or social media or just to join our events. We will be discrete about your inquiry and, if necessary, point you to the appropriate office or institution for further help.