Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - HU-Docs

HU-⁠DOCS-⁠Summer Party


10.07.2015, 05 pm, Campus Nord, HGS (Room 144) – Luisenstr. 56, 10117 Berlin




The summer is finally here.  Time to take our Barbecue from the Basement and
make our beer cold for the HU-⁠Docs Summerfeast.

In order to continue our activities in the new semester for Phd students at HU we will choose our new Committee at 5 o'clock on that day.  We are happy to see new faces and welcome anyone who wants to find out more about our activities or has questions about our association.

All those who come to choose the new members of our committee will be generously rewarded with delicious Barbecue afterwards. In the cozy inner yard of HGS there will a rich selection of Sausages, Stakes, Vegishashlyk, and Halloumu cheese. The drinks will be served (beer, radler, and soft drinks) all for 1 Euro each.

We invite all those interested (not only Phds from the Humboldt and students of Humboldt). But only members of HU Docs are allowed  to vote for the selection of new members of our committee. We also accept new members who can fill the membership application and join our team at HU docs on this day. The members are not required to pay any fees and have no financial burdens to bear. Find out more: