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Polish Culture Evening


Friday, November 25, 06 - 10 pm   Orbis Humboldtianus                            

What do cookies have to do with Polish politics?
How do you actually pronounce Brzęczyszczykiewicz?
Are Polish people conservative, progressive, or both?
Why do the Polish rave about ‘bird’s milk’ and ‘little pigeons’?

2016 has been declared by German and Polish foreign ministries to be the official year celebrating the 25th anniversary of ‘The Polish-German Treaty of Good Neighbourship and Friendly Cooperation’. We would like to seize this opportunity and offer you a chance to get to know Poland and the current situation in the country a little better. We will have a casual chat about all things Polish and think about stereotypes relating to Poland.

Planned schedule of the event

1. A talk on ‘25 years of good neighbourship? German-Polish relations after the Wende’

2. A quiz on all things Polish – with a chance to win attractive prizes!

3. Discussion: ‘The image of Poland in Europe’

4. Polish music, Polish food and all flavours of Polish vodka (quince, black currant, bison grass…)

The event will take place in English.