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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - HU-Docs

Downloads and links

This is a collection of files and links to various PhD related topics. HU-Docs e.V. is not liable for the content of the linked pages.

The declaration of membership from can be found under Join us.

Links about financing

We collected these links at the roundtable on 4.1.2021. The brochure of HGS on the topic of financing is very helpful as well.

Paid jobs and contests



Job offers on www.adlershof.de


Scholarships and Corona aids

DAAD scholarship database

e-fellows scholarship database (in german only)

HU Fellowship for completition of degree



STIBET scholarship for doctoral candidates


PhD-Day 28.5.2021

These are the files of some of the lecturers at PhD-Day

Slides of the Computer- and Media Service

Servicemap of the Computer- and Media Service

Slides of the university library

Brochure of HGS on financing your doctorate

Slides of Erasmus+

Slides of HU-Docs e.V.


Financial situation survey 2020

From 21.7. to 16.8.2020, we conducted an online survey about the financial situation of PhD students at HU Berlin. The results of the survey were also presented to the university administration. As a direct consequence, there was e.g. a presentation by the conflict counseling of the HGS at the PhD-Day. Furthermore, the HGS has produced a brochure on the topic of financing and a corresponding workshop is in preparation.

Abschlussbericht der Umfrageergebnisse (pdf in german)