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The Exercises in Moodle

Which exercises does Moodle offer that can be used for vocabulary work in Latin classes? - It is not a question of reinventing the wheel, but our solution should offer more than can already be found free of charge (without Moodle) on the Internet.

The learning platform Moodle offers a relatively comprehensive test module with which clozes, multiple-choice queries and various assignment exercises can be realised. Since the last two exercise formats are widely used online and clozes allow for much more context-based learning, this exercise format is thoroughly tested first. The tests will be supplemented by further tests of Moodle plug-ins that support Learning Analytics (LA).


Findings on the Cloze

  • Moodle does not offer an export of exercises (e.g. into a text document)
  • More important: thus, cloze exercises can not be printed
  • Only native parts of the test format work in the Moodle app, otherwise you have to use the browser
  • Filling the gaps is implemented natively as: drop down, drag 'n drop, write yourself (Fig.1 and 2)
  • Tips (e.g. for insertion) are not possible natively, only with H5P-Tool (Fig.4)
  • It is possible to differ cognitively, e.g. more items than gaps (addition to the core implementation), assignment of items to a range (so-called zones, so that there are less selection options) (Fig. 3)



Fill in the blanks, 3 options as drop down


Fill in the blanks, more options as drag-n-drop


Fill in the blanks, 4 zones as drag-n-drop


Fill in the blanks, tooltips


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