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Due to their different research interests, what demands do the participating disciplines make when creating the Machina Callida?

Interdisciplinarity: A technical development in tension between three disciplines




The figure above summarizes the different areas of competence, requirements and wishes that the parties involved in the development of Machina Callida have in mind. Here are some examples:

  • The subject pedagogy of Latin (blue) would like the inclusion of the common basic vocabulary, a feedback on the (as varied as possible) exercises, a selection option regarding the texts or text passages including relevant metadata and a general possibility to edit the texts.
  • Corpus linguistics (red) focuses primarily on the inclusion of associative measures in the representation of collocations, on the identification of various linguistically relevant data (part of speech, word frequencies), on gaining knowledge about the methodological transferability of the results of work between small, medium and large corpora and on corpora that are annotated as accurately as possible.
  • The computer and media service (green) focuses primarily on secure and long-term data storage, platform-independent presentation, the connection of existing software components (Moodle, ANNIS), the sustainability of the project, user experience and user management that is in compliance with data protection laws.


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