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Coaching Workshop

coaching Coaching Workshop
07.03.2014, 15 - 19 Uhr
Orbis Humboldtianus                      

Have you ever wanted to coach yourself, other people or to understand which techniques do coaches use? This introduction workshop is for you!

This free workshop is organized by Karine Antille, an advanced student of the coaching school We Create. She will teach you the fundamental competences that a coach must have in order to help people make their objectives and projects come true. You will learn tools and techniques to guide you in your sessions and structure the discussion so that it can bring the people somewhere and make them progress towards their dreams. You will also understand the specific relationship to establish between a client and a coach so that the process of coaching can actually happen and lead to success and results. Finally, you will better realize that the relationship of the coach with themselves influences the coaching process and that a coach needs to know themselves in order to help others.

Since coaching focuses on action and practice, a significant amount of the time will be devoted to trying out the methods and experiencing things.

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