Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - MERGE - Migration and the Middle East

ExiTT: Exit, Transit, Transformation

The project is intended to prepare for fundraising for a large-scale research project that processually traces, documents and analyses processes of migration from origin countries, from the starting point, over the route, until integration in the destination countries and their societies from social, economic, political and cultural aspects. At the same time, it will analyse the political, economic, societal, discursive and legal transformation of the sending, transit and receiving/destination countries as well as political, economic, societal, discursive and legal repercussions by, for example, transnational relationships, re-migration, circular migration or post-migration mobility. To grasp such complex processes a multi-local, multi-method as well as interdisciplinary research approach is required.

The research approach is multidisciplinary: it is intended to apply research perspectives from sociology, political sciences, psychology, geography, history, cultural sciences and economics in order to design questionnaires, to conceive the regional case studies and to carry out the data analyses.

The key approach of the project will be the collection and analysis of new data in origin, transit, and receiving countries that will provide a unique basis to deliver evidence for the above-sketched topics.