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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - HU-Docs

HU-Docs - Doctoral Candidate Network of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

BBQ Party 25.9. 13:00

On Saturday, September 25, we are hosting a barbecue in the garden at Bitscher Straße 2(Wohnheim "Salvador Allende") to celebrate the 10th anniversary of HU-Docs. We’ll be providing some snacks and side dishes, but please bring yourself something to throw on the grill and drinks! 

This event is subject to cancellation or postponement if it rains.

Stammtisch on Wed. 6.10., 19:00

Location to be announced.

Plaster cast collection Sat 16.10. 14:00

We visit the FU's antique plaster cast collection. A PhD student will guide us through the collection and tell us details about the objects. Free of charge. Schlossstraße 69b in Charlottenburg.

PhD-Day Tue 26.10., from 11:00

The PhD-Day is a presentation of various groups and institutions at Humboldt-Universität which are relevant to doctoral candidates. It is especially helpful for newcomers, but also for people who want to go abroad because a lot of info is given with regards to funding, organization etc. of exchanges. Detailled schedule will appear here.

Slides of the PhD Day May 28th

Some speakers sent their slides, they are avaliable under Downloads.

Financing the PhD

At the International Roundtable discussion in January we collected links about funding, you can find them under Downloads and links.


Currently, the International Roundtable discussion takes place online. Details under regular events. The Stammtisch takes place in presence, but outside. We are in the process of planning additional offline events.