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Thore Hagemann


Thore Hagemann.jpeg

Thore Hagemann studied Public Policy at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, the University College Maastricht und at SciencesPo Toulouse. His research focuses on issues as:


  • (Comparative) Welfare State Analysis
  • Critical Migration- and Integration Research
  • Welfare Chauvinism
  • Critical Discourse Analysis of Integration debates in Media and Politics



In 2018/2019 Thore Hagemann worked as Consultant with a Berlin-based management consulting firm and advised public sector institutions such as ministries and federal agencies on results-based monitoring and impact evluation. His thematic focus was on integration and diversity projects. Since November 2019 he is research fellow at BIM contributing to the project "Migration and the welfare state: migration models, fiscal effects, acceptance, and institutional adaptability". He researches acceptance of and prejudice against migrants within discourses of net contributions made by migrants and their deservingness of welfare benefits.