Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - SBZ "Prüfstand"

About Us

What is MoPs?


The SBZ “Motorenprüfstand” (short SBZ “Prüfstand” or MoPS) is a student organized project space with café in the building of the former silenced engine test stand (Schallgedämpfter Motorenprüfstand). It is surrounded by the Aerodynamic Park at the Campus Adlershof

When is it open?


During the lecture time, we are open from 9 am to at least 5 pm (see the roster for more details). Outside the lecture time, project members often decide to open when using the space.


Can I join you?


Of course, you can! Talk to us and sign up for the shift schedule. We welcome everyone who decides to help.

What can I do at MoPS?


You can drink organic and fair-trade coffee or tea, play table football or just relax. There are a few regular events and the MoPS is a meeting place for multiple student initiatives.


Why don't you offer plastic cups?


We decided to not use disposable containers. However we have nice cups, which you can borrow for a deposit of 2 €. You can also bring your own cups or thermos.


How do you keep afloat?


We are not a commercial café and are dependent on donations. The donation income is used to purchase the drinks and consumables. We all do this voluntarily and of conviction.