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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Leo Baeck Summer University in Jewish Studies

Leo Baeck Summer University




Leo Baeck Summer University (LBSU) 2018

Summer School “Jewish Studies and Gender Research”

July 16-28, 2018, Berlin





Organized by Selma Stern Zentrum für Jüdische Studien Berlin-Brandenburg 

Supported by Volkswagenstiftung




The Leo Baeck Summer University 2018 on “Jewish Studies and Gender Research” intends to lay the foundation for an international network of doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers in the interdisciplinary field of Jewish studies.

The two-week summer school will focus on the application of theoretical approaches and research results in the field of gender research, within the genre of Jewish studies. In so doing we reject limitations to a single discipline, instead firmly embracing the inter- and transdisciplinary dialogue that will foment a multidimensional synergy between gender studies and Jewish studies, fields that themselves are conceptualized as interdisciplinary.

In addition to intensive workshops on basic theories of gender research and the potential application of gender-oriented theory formation in Jewish studies, there will be a special focus on presentation and discussion of research projects by participating students. Three thematic priorities will shape the program:


  • Cultural and religious gender images and rituals in Judaism
  • Gender-related coding of knowledge in Jewish intellectual traditions
  • Gender-related dimensions of anti-Semitic stereotyping

Guest lecturers will address these topics and dissect them further in one-day workshops. The summer school will be conducted in English