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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Leo Baeck Summer University in Jewish Studies





In addition to the Academic Director and the Humboldt Liaison, an Academic Steering Committee (ASC) of selected faculty from cooperating and partner universities will participate in organizing the curriculum, selecting the students, and establishing and carrying out evaluation of the program. The Executive Director oversees the administration of the program and extracurricular activities.


Currently the members of the Academic Steering Committee are:


  • Atina Grossmann, former Academic Director of LBSU. Professor in the DAAD Walter Benjamin Chair for German-Jewish History and Culture, Humboldt University, and Professor of History, Cooper Union College, NY
  • Christina von Braun, Humboldt University Liaison (Professor, Cultural Studies)
  • Michal Bodemann, University of Toronto (Professor, Sociology and Jewish Studies
  • Derek Penslar, University of Toronto (Professor, History and Jewish Studies)
  • Jeffrey M. Peck, founding Academic Director of LBSU, Dean Arts and Sciences, Baruch College, NY
  • Joachim Schlör, Professor of Modern Jewish/non-Jewish Relations, University of Southampton, England