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HU-Docs Slam and Dok-Tandem Exchange

Date: 27.11.2013, 7 pm

Register by: 26.11.2013

Place: Mitte Orbis

You have 5 minutes to explain why you save the world with your doctoral research!
Slam for beginners: if you didn't yet take part in a science slam, it's the right moment to begin!
Presentations in English and in German are accepted.
To challenge you, we want you to prepare a talk without a slide show. Other objects can be used, but we want to hear your speech above all!
You can also come as spectator!
Registration for presentations:
If you spontaneously decide to give a talk you have the possibility to tell the moderators during the slam.

On the same evening we organize a Dok-Tandem Exchange. Dok-Tandems or Dok-Teams use the buddy system to help each other and increase each other's motivation! You meet regularly and you are not alone anymore in front of your thesis.
At the end of the evening we will form Dok-tandems. If you can't come but if you are interested in a Dok-tandem, you can write us with your name, e-mail address, discipline and subject of thesis. We will add a pin for you and try to find a partner!