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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - CENTRAL


Fig.: Nadine Zilliges


Staff Mobility Program - Second Staff Mobility exchange in the CENTRAL network

21 - 23 November 2016: In 2016, the Staff Mobility Program offers the employees of the research offices of all universities involved in the CENTRAL network the opportunity to exchange information on the joint acquisition of third-party funding.


100 years of Hungarian Language

18 -19 November 2016: Conference on the history of science and the methodology of Hungarian Studies, the transfer of knowledge and culture between Hungary and German-speaking countries as well as literary relations between Hungary and German-speaking countries.

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Network East-West: Law Student Exchange Program

8 - 21 August 2016: Exchange seminars in Berlin and the partner cities

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Transformations and Transfers. Space and Literary History

23 - 26 June 2016: MLA meeting „Other Europes: Migrations, Translations, Transformations“ in Düsseldorf

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CENTRAL: International Governance and Administration of Universities

25 - 27 May 2016: 2. governance meeting in Budapest


3rd International Forum for Doctoral Candidates in East European Art History

29 April 2016: Open platform for Phd students, and annual meetings intended to offer a constant opportunity and space to exchange ideas and experiences, to make contact, to bring together expertise and to establish networks

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