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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Learning from Alzheimer's Disease

Learning from Alzheimer's Disease

A History of Biomedical Models of Mental Illness


Welcome to the webpage of the junior research group "Learning from Alzheimer's Disease. A History of Biomedical Models of Mental Illness". The group is led by Lara Keuck and is located at the Department of History of the Humboldt University of Berlin. The group is funded through The Branco Weiss Fellowship - Society in Science at ETH Zurich.


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An essay review by Alfred Freeborn entitled "The History of the Brain and Mind Sciences" was published in The History of the Human Sciences.

In October Alfred will be a visiting assistant lecturer at the Department of History and Classics and Archaeology in Birkbeck, University of London. His trip is supported by the Erasmus+ scheme, an initiative designed to enhance the mobility of teachers across Europe, and is the result of a growing connection between our research group at the Humboldt and the excellent scholars at Birkbeck. We are excited to take the first steps in what will hopefully be a productive, stimulating and ongoing research relationship and wish Alfred the best of luck.


Talks of the Research Group:


The American Philosophical Association (Eastern Division) will host an invited panel with Lara Keuck on "Scope Validity in Medicine" at their 2020 meeting. Lara's contribution will tackle validation problems in biomedical research, and will be discussed by Prof. Miriam Solomon (Philadelphia), Prof. Maël Lemoine (Bordeaux), Prof. Jan-Willem Romeijn (Utrecht) and Dr. Linda Douw (Amsterdam). The panel will be chaired by Prof. Kathryn Tabb (New York).


recent talks:

11-15 November 2019:

Lara Keuck: title tba. Invited participant at the Lorentz Center Workshop "What is Translation? Exploring the Missing Link Between Neuroscience and Psychiatry", Leiden, NL.


5 November 2019:

Lara Keuck: "Alzheimer's Disease: The History of a Working Title", History of Medicine Seminar, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge, GB.


14-15 October 2019:

Lara Keuck: "Introducing Scope Validity: A Tool for Building New Bridges Across the Translational Gap?", Second meeting of the PhilInBioMed International Network, Bordeaux, FR.